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  1. "Portuguese word for "password" although for some it may refer to a popular Indian actress. Regardless, ten seconds later you're p0wned. The most "secure" password—estimated to take 12 days to crack—was x4ivygA51F"
  2. Module works great, any chance of keeping it active while clicking on other tabs in the menu? Testing shows if a user clicks off the module, and returns later, even immediately, Sniffer will stay enabled, but Listening must be manually restarted. During active engagements, I do not see staying on a single page for the duration of testing for data collection.
  3. Have tried unsuccessfully to resolve "Could not connect to internet" when attempting to install Dependencies for EvilPortal, NMAP or MDK4. (oddly, I can view the dashboard for these modules briefly before install dependencies window opens up. Click install, processes, Cannot connect to internet. Have synced browser time, network connection appears to be correct and operational Have tried opkg update, opkg upgrade, resetting network connection, etc. Can ping example.com, all other features appear to work. Currently on Beta Channel, although issue was present in 1.0 as well
  4. Update: finally processed Beta install 1.0.1. Installation of the beta channel factory reset device, reloaded configurations, no longer seeing the cannot allocate memory any further. Seems a factory reset did the trick, more so updating to Beta channel. Thanks all!
  5. Trying to update the WiFi Pineapple to 1.0.1-beta.2020091914551 at the moment; trying to see if anyone wants log or reports before I also try a factory reset if the beta update doesn't clear anything up.
  6. Thanks Jtyle6, If there are any specific commands I can run to provide config, reports, status, etc, please advise.
  7. Additionally, it would be nice to log devices with custom nomenclature by MAC address. Ie xx.xx.xx.xx.xx = Wife iPhone, Target Device, etc; would automatically replace MAC with Device name based on information manually (or automatically) in reports, GUI, etc.
  8. Set MK7 up a few days ago, have been playing / testing, created and executed an Aggressive Campaign actively processing devices, connections, etc Left device active approx 24 hrs overnight, Woke up to several errors today. Reboot did not clear anything Management Access Point | fork/exec /sbin/uci: cannot allocate memory WiFi Pineapple Diagnostics | fork/exec /etc/pineapple/diagnostics.sh: cannot allocate memory etc Unable to perform diagnostics, logs, anything, any assistance is appreciated. I do have SSH, GUI, and USB access Have not processed thousands of devices, approx 100 : Latest Overview 108 APs / 3 Unassociated / 4 Associated
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