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  1. Learning by doing

  2. Just a short guide šŸ™‚ I did this in windows 10. INSTALLATION: step 1 ) first update firmware! Format an usb to be either FAT32(win) or EXT4(linux) and download the latest firmware. Put it onto the usb, as the only file there. step 2 ) put the usb in the second usb port and wait 5-10 minutes step 3 ) if the LED has begun to slowly blink, you are done. Press the button on the back to go into "Arming mode" PAYLOADS: step 4 ) in "Arming Mode" we can connect to the Signal owl, check your wifi and owl_xxxx(last 4 mac address, should be in the network)
  3. A little wierd question but; would it be possible to send HID scripts over Wifi? Like through the pineapple tetra? šŸ™‚ Just a side thought
  4. I really want to try and dabble in some Intrusion Prevention System software. But it is out of my expertise field atm. I was wondering what the best IPS software is? Have been trying to learn OSSEC.
  5. My name is HippoHackFavourite game: Call of duty Modern warfare Favourite OS: Kali LinuxFavourite console: PS4Nationality: KoreanSex: MaleHeight: 175cmFavourite movie: The kingsmenFavourite software: Nessus Other hobbies: Just doing asian things Occupation: upcoming pen-testing and CEH
  6. Thank you guys for making this post šŸ™‚ it helped me a lot
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