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  1. I play around with it for about a month, lots of bloat·ware, lots of payed item's. it wasn't bad but wasn't good , ended up putting Ubuntu back on .
  2. oh man, totally forgot about nTOPng, i started to play around with it. then just kind of forgot about it, i don't have much experience with it tho, maybe a few weeks worth, might have to fire it back up.
  3. I definitively will agree with you there, they are slow on responding to problem's. keep in mind they are a very small team. with day job's . for myself i don't hold it against them. I've heard Darren say in multiple videos , talking about how amazing the community is. i do believe the stronger we build the community the better the product can be.. If you end up getting one don't hesitate to reach out, or any question just ask,
  4. i looked over previous threads , well he seems pretty up set at the world,
  5. the website you testing https or http ?
  6. In my opinion everything hak5 produces, is a baseline professional product. I work as a red teamer an incident response.. i personally us a lot of hak5 gear, the pricing is pretty spot on, i understand $200 bucks is a lot of money to the majority of people. however the potential that the tetra has is end-list. tor / vpn / proxy . etc . i have a few hidden around the office, with raspberry PI 4 running them. with zero problem's.. the question you need to ask your self, are you going to use it enough to justify the cost. i feel like theirs quite a few people, who buy them thinking they'll b
  7. The only problem i have with the tetra is the internet sharing, with windows 10, but at this point am pretty sure, its a windows 10 thing not a pineapple problem. so basically ever time i want to run the tetra i have to reconfigure the internet sharing and IP properties. for me that really isn't that big of a deal. what specifically are you referring to, when you say modules problem's. also remember, the pineapples are "not exactly" plug an play, you do need some skill . but not much. I've read quite a few threads, where people are bitching about the pineappple being junk. but its v
  8. Any one played around with blackwin OS ?
  9. can you log into the router ? is it even your router ahhhha
  10. I have zero problems running it on VWware Fusion / VirtualBox on my mac ! was just trying to get it to work on brew nothing better to do ahahhahahah the system recognize the USB just doesn't seem to want to connect i found a few write ups but they don't seem to want to work either
  11. Any mandingos out there playing with BlackWin OS yet ?? just put it on last night, just been playing around with it, trying to get the bloatware uninstalled .
  12. it was just a joke Mandingo ... what are you looking at doing?
  13. thinking about trying to get my self a tablet for net hunter thinking maybe a Samsung
  14. Darren is a pretty big fan of macbook pro's
  15. seems you are not wrong, haven't had much luck with it.
  16. minor details , now its time to get in some trouble side note just book the next trip to japan, cant wait , need real ramen
  17. i ended up having to remove the lock screen button on the touch bar, no matter where i put the dang thing i always seem to hit it, locking the screen in the middle of things you ever get kali going on that Lenovo ?
  18. Nothing wrong with older models i actually prefer older laptop's i very much dislike touch screen or laptops that turn into tablets,
  19. we had planed to go to osaka but the night before we planed on going the typhoon hit, so we ended up just hanging in tokyo the rest of the time. any luck on getting a laptop ?
  20. such a tough question , there was only on place i didn't really like that was in the shibuya , my favorite place was just right down the road from where i was staying , soooo yummmyyy 🤗
  21. Japan !! RAMEN EVERYWHERE !! i was in tokyo at the begin of September absolutely love the ramen bars there, ill be coming back next September cant wait !!!!!
  22. was able to install ./wp6.sh with brew installed iproute everything seems to work, but cant get it to connection to the " nano " any one out there have any tips or idea's not getting any errors , iv tried swapping interfaces around that doesn't seem to work t
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