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  1. I have installed the 2.62 firmware on my Pineapple Tetra, but I still have issues in that Recon does not unction in 'continuous' mode, and that email notifications are still not working. Is anyone else having these problens Peter
  2. Yes. I have moticed this, after playing around with email setting for a morning trying to get it to work.
  3. Yes, and continuous scan under Recon produces no results either.
  4. I have a Blackberry Keyone phone, and I would like to use the android App to control/configure my Tetra. One problem that I have noticed is that the Blackberry will only allow the USB port to be tethered to a device it recognises as a valid USB device., otherwise the 'tether' option on the Blackberry Networks screen is greyed-out. Connecting my phone to numerous other USB devices works well, but the phone does not recognise the Tetra USB interface and so does not allow me to set up USB tethering. This is not a lead problem, as I use the same cables with other devices. Has anyone found a work-around?
  5. Continuous scan under Recon appears to be broken in this release. The scan appears to never update the screen with any results. Timed scans are not affected.
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