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  1. the US first amendment only applies to the US government anyway... all it means is that no one can shut you up irl... not online
  2. let me just start off by telling you that wikihow and the like are sometimes full of crap so dont rely on them... i would highly reccomend using wifite 2 as @Bigbiz said. you can install it with apt sudo apt-get install wifite then you may need to install bully pyrit hxcdumptool hcxpcaptool macchanger foe macchanger its sudo apt-get install macchanger the rest are "git-clone" and it will instruct you.... or all this could be done as i forgot you said you use kali... woops oh well ill post this anyway.. have a nice day/night and good luck with it Also if you are looking to crack passwords on wpa2 i can help with that too
  3. if youd like help... contact systap7 on wickr me ... install the app and make a free account.. no email required
  4. my pc u just have to press gui prt-sc
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