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  1. Well i am back to tell you what really happen and why it act the way it did..

    It is always human factor,i never realized then i have a different power source on the PI3. (NOT ENOUGH POWER)

    I am still having problem with the wp6.sh to make the connection and be on the net when you are on dashboard to see bulletin.

    But it fix it self when you go on  page network on the gui to connect at wlan0 🙂

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  2. 1 hour ago, Foxtrot said:

    This honestly doesn't sound related to the firmware update as we didn't change anything that would stop the host from recognising the Pineapple. Are your Networking settings correct? Does the device show up as USB Ethernet device?

    yes it does show and connect,but it will last like 30 second and the network change between eth0 and wifi on and off non stop..

    Other then that on the laptop it work just find ,not a problem there.

    But since it took the update,it will not function correctly on the pi3 i have  anymore,was perfect prior that.That is why i tested with  different ios ,but still same.

    Will have to test with a different board i guess,will let you know 


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