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  1. Just like to have 5GHz to used open access point. just that will be nice.. But foxtrot decide the WHEN ,So he told me maybe version 1.10.0 and we are 1.0.2 mean in the next five years if lucky 😛 It just sucks ,cause if i could do it i would release it the how to already.
  2. Unzip the folder go to > wifi-pineapple-war-driver-master>war-driver.php (WITH NOTPAD++)Or what ever you like n $config = array( 'server_ip' => "", nothing to change 'server_port' => 1471, here put the "" >"1471" 'admin_user' => "root", leave it alone 'admin_password' => "password" Your pass to login.... save it then open a terminal type " war-driver.php " and should be good to go for a drive 😛
  3. Did you install the dependencies... CREATING A MODULE To start, make sure that you have python3, nodeJS and npm installed to your system. Then, fork the WiFi Pineapple Mark VII Modules git repository. Inside this repository, each module has it's own folder which contains the source-code for the front-end and back-end. The repository also contains a script called create.sh, which will guide you through module generation.
  4. I did not change anything in etc/config/wireless and it work
  5. i would say like Foxtrot,what would you like to see as new modules So far we have nmap,httpeek who does Dwall,MDK4,the gui if you try to understand it better ,does half of the modules before on Nano et Tetra. 5GHz work like a charm with the right chips So far for me,after playing a lot with it , it does the work as any other hak5 product 🙂 Now i just try to understand how to make a modules who will work with the gui,i am getting there,and Foxtrot is there to help on Discord:) Hacking is all about learning.That why it is fun to play with those tools
  6. I do agree with you, it seem to be a disaster. But go on Discord ,often you will find your answer there..Well for me i did.
  7. Have a look there .. And to be able to it used for injection...Maybe years down the road...
  8. Please delete this post i have my answer
  9. i am trying to find the folder to add access point 5G chanel on the mk7 Anyone can help for this Thanks
  10. Serious 🙂 cool if this is normal lol Thanks skipper.
  11. Hello i am dealing with some kind of bug ,any how,What could i do to fixe this ... i have 20MB and used 20MB and i just reformat the MK7 ? wierd
  12. Yes it work just perfect Thanks so much
  13. Hey boy`s Anyone can make a little video of how to set this up ? Thanks 🙂
  14. Still i have the same issu,they could at least answer there email in the time frame they give..
  15. From way back Parrot had no tutorial and show very little about is goal Today thing change,i may consider tying it again 🙂
  16. Are you using kali on Virtual box or VM?? Have you tried Nano on windows?
  17. Well yes it will But Nano is for lazy people like me , and few others 🙂 Nano you click Kali you type
  18. Well i am back to tell you what really happen and why it act the way it did.. It is always human factor,i never realized then i have a different power source on the PI3. (NOT ENOUGH POWER) I am still having problem with the wp6.sh to make the connection and be on the net when you are on dashboard to see bulletin. But it fix it self when you go on page network on the gui to connect at wlan0 🙂
  19. yes it does show and connect,but it will last like 30 second and the network change between eth0 and wifi on and off non stop.. Other then that on the laptop it work just find ,not a problem there. But since it took the update,it will not function correctly on the pi3 i have anymore,was perfect prior that.That is why i tested with different ios ,but still same. Will have to test with a different board i guess,will let you know
  20. Well did update my nano this morning 2.5.4 i am using this with Raspberry pi 3 b+ for a while now,since update Kali ios freeze,raspberry ios won`t recognize the nano:( i got to go back to 2.5.2 🙂
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