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  1. For almost 30 years of computer use I was totally fine without any password manager, to be frank. Of course, by now I have around 90 websites where I would have to remember my login details, which makes it already impossible to follow. Some people use a simple text file to keep these details in one place. But guess what, I also tried that, I even archived this text file with password protection; however, in the end I forgot that password since I had not updated the file for a number of months. So I just started to use a free password manager to see how it goes. To be frank, I still don't like the idea that all my passwords and details are saved in one place be it Google Drive or locally. Also, if somehow my master password for this manager gets hacked or stolen from me, or if I am stupid enough to forget it without having a secret backup of it, I can lose all my login info. I do know there are paid password managers but I just found that, e.g., LastPass servers got hacked some time back. Of course, your info is encrypted but this certainly did not convince me that my data is safe anywhere really.
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