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  1. I happened to have it on me, was going to use it as a NAT gateway of sorts. I used to use my phone but if I leave the room ( e.g. go get coffee, ) it messes up the rest of my party. I'm working on a rasberry pi to be a nat gateway/firewall, but waiting on more parts to come in.
  2. We are staying at a hotel this weekend. Since the wifi is free for 2 devices per room and the family has more than that I wanted to use my Mark VII as a gateway. I can connect my laptop to the firewall ( code is room+lastname of course ) it's working but if I connect to my Management IP on my pineapple and tell it to connect to the Hotel, it fails. I can't tell it to connect then tell my laptop (or phone) to connect through it and set the auth either. Ideas?
  3. Bingo! The explanation of the timing of the lights worked great, I'm now flashed and it's in arming mode. Thanks.
  4. I did just find this: on a different thread which looks like a good start.
  5. Is there a timing on this/these types of steps? Something like "expect this pattern" or even a simple video showing the speed of the different flashing. Finding the timing on when to do the Firmware flash button push was interesting. Waiting for the "Fast flashing" was not what/when I expected it. I found someone who said there's a fast flash, a slower flash, a solid on, then a REALLY fast flash, which is when you push to go to firmware flash mode, which seems to work, but I think I unplugged too soon also so I'm re-doing it. This time it took 2 mins before I'm at a slow single flash, but not really slow, so I'm not sure if I'm in Arming mode or error mode. ( I just redownloaded the firmware ) This time I'm going to give it a good 30 mins to make sure. From: https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/articles/360033503954-LED-Status-Indications Red blinking, red fast blinking and red slow blinking isn't as descriptive as I could use.
  6. I've got a Pineapple, pretty sure the problems I've had are self induced, but the reset is nice. No problems with my Bashbunny or my friends' rabbit. My Kesys ( not a hak5 product ) has been bullet proof. I'm just starting to get to know the owl and so far seems any problems are also of my own doing. Contact to Hak5 has been spectacular, on a number of different Media. Kinda like the anti-comcast.
  7. Clean Nano, running 2.0.2. I did: cd /sd git clone git clone git://github.com/derv82/wifite2.git cd /sd/wifite2.git chmod +x Wifite.py ./Wifite.py I get a startup screen with this: {0}:/sd/wifite2>./Wifite.py . . .´ · . . · `. wifite 2.0 : : : (¯) : : : automated wireless auditor `. · ` /¯\ ´ · .´ https://github.com/derv82/wifite2 ` /¯¯¯\ ´ [!] error: required app tshark was not found [!] warning: recommended app bully was not found [!] warning: recommended app cowpatty was not found [!] warning: recommended app pyrit was not found [!] warning: recommended app stdbuf was not found [!] required app(s) were not found, exiting. I can't find tshark or "wireshark" in any packages or other I can install. Same with the other recommended packages. Help?
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