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  1. Hi, Is there a module available which creates a Evil Twin Network with Fake Captive Portal which asks for wifi password and then Verify the password with Captured Handshake with Pyrit/Aircrack-ng just like Fluxion, whick does the following things : ( From : https://github.com/FluxionNetwork/fluxion ) Spawns a rogue (fake) AP, imitating the original access point. Spawns a DNS server, redirecting all requests to the attacker's host running the captive portal. Spawns a web server, serving the captive portal which prompts users for their WPA/WPA2 key. Spawns a jammer, deauthenticating all clients from original AP and luring them to the rogue AP. All authentication attempts at the captive portal are checked against the handshake file captured earlier. The attack will automatically terminate once a correct key has been submitted. The key will be logged and clients will be allowed to reconnect to the target access point.
  2. Hi Guys, Can i use Can i use WiFi Pineapple NANO with LONG RANGE WIFI BOOSTER(https://hakshop.com/collections/wireless-gear/products/long-range-wifi-kit) what would be the range difference.
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