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  1. I toyed around with but still have no idea!
  2. Excellent work guys and we all appreciate the cost for the community version. It just goes to show that you guys are more interested in helping the community versus just trying to make a quick buck. So many people getting started do not have the funds, again props to you all! Your hard work is appreciated... Cheers
  3. I believe .deb files go in the tools directory located on the actual mounted USB BashBunny mass storage and not the /tools if you are SSH'd in. The /tools directory on the actual device are where Bunny will install your .deb files to. Also, this doesn't seem to be working properly with the latest 1.5x firmware (at least for me).
  4. Just did another factory revert (3 quick pullouts) ran the updater a few times, everything is showing updated to 1.5_298 now but with the new firmware I'm not seeing tools being installed from the tools directory when booting in arming mode. A few have mention the same issue, has anyone probed into it more or are you just installing them manually now?
  5. Thanks for taking the time to bang this out Seb, appreciate your contributions as always mate!
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