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  1. ^^ Thanks for the response,* ^^
  2. Thanks for the respone, So short answer, because this tool is advertised as working "out of the box." Longer answer, because I have a van and I keep every tool I think may be useful with me at all times, some haven't even been opened yet ?. I have not had the chance to do further digging yet, that being said, I had no idea I could do a capture without a drive in there, I was under the impression that the tcpdump payload was designed to fail if it did not detect a mounted drive. I was going to to look for a way to force a firmware upgrade using a connected host but so far I have just followed the instructions on the site which is, format drive to NTFS, copy firmware file to drive, plug in drive, plug in power, watch LEDs... which never blinked the correct pattern for firmware upgrade it just went into arming mode and to specifically answer your question it was not connected on either ethernet port to anything. Also haven't found the factory reset instructions quite yet, like I said I haven't had much time to look, but it was out of the box so I hope it doesn't need a factory reset straight from the factory.
  3. It also will not accept a firmware upgrade.
  4. So I seem to be having this same issue, I am actually on a job right now so this is more than frustrating. I hadnt had a chance to play with the squirrel but I need to do a packet capture and I have no way of hopping on a monitor port or anything so it seems the squirrel would be my best option. I cleared and formatted a 32GB USB stick to NTFS plugged in the network client on power side and network on storage side, flipped the switch to 1 and applied USB power. the PS booted verified by green LED the LED on my flash drive blinked as it was being accessed but when payload time hit I was greeted with alternating Red Green Blue instead of the yellow I was hoping for. I downloaded the latest firmware and attempted an upgrade but instead of upgrading the PS just goes into arming mode indicated by a slow flashing blue light. Im not sure whats going on, I can put the PS in transparent mode while SSHed in and it seems to work fine but when running the tcpdump payload the client device is never granted network access and never gets an IP from the network.
  5. Hey guys, I'm at work so I don't have time to type a lot but I'll do that later. As for now... Hi I'm Matt... Very happy to be here!
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