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  1. Hi, im newbie for ducky usb rubber, i have one question: what are the best firmware for inject? i have tryed 2.1 What is the specific of this? and now i try this with Button ARM: Composite_Duck_4cap.hex --- and if i want the same but with automatic ARM where i can FIND? otherwise exist a help wiki with specification for every FIrmware work? Composite_Duck_4cap.hex Start moving files from ducky-decode (google-site) to github 2 years ago Composite_Duck_S003.hex
  2. OS . WINDOWS 10 Professional - TESTED ( 8 - 7 windows - maybe) NAME_SCRIPT . KaliStealthBOT Service . $FREE ************************************************************************************ I Can Grab a PWD Web Firefox - Chrome - IE and Send Via Email. ************************************************************************************* HOW TO SET: Register account SMTP free here https://app.smtp2go.com and *PUT-LOGIN-HERE* & *PUT-YOUR-PWD* then *INSERT-YOUR@EMAIL-HERE* where you want receive the goods :) _______________________
  3. hi, im a newbie :P .. how i can on Encode this code for work and create Inject.bin? then put into Android Smartphone with USB rubber Ducky? Because the code #!/bin/bashclearecho -e "========================================================"echo -e " This script downloads the rockyou password list"echo -e " IT SAYS that is not language appropriate and i can't create inject file on duckytools.THanks
  4. Hi to everyone, i have bought a Ducky Rubber, but i have a question: How i can execute a file exe stored inside the Rubber Ducky USB? ex:( PassowordStealde.exe or wallpaper.jpg ) and maybe transfer it to the dekstop Win or Linux System and execute it then save the result inside the ducky rubber or send via email? It is possible? Thanks
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