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  1. Hey guys I just installed twin duck firmware on my duck and want to know how to access the storage on it. EX I want to create a file and save something to it then put it on the duck. or can I have the file already on the duck and just save to it? Thanks
  2. I'm trying to flash it with twin duck firmware. I have everything but I can't find a tutorial online on how to flash it with windows 10. Help please!
  3. Hey guys I've spent a few weeks playing with the usb rubber ducky and I finally understand it now ( I'm new to hacking and computers and stuff. And when I mean hacking I mean white hat, discovering flaws and searching for fixes). The rubber ducky is great and powerful. First off. There are a lot of flaws detected for windows and mac machines but I am looking for flaws in chromebook machines. I've discovered so many but then again there are so many more. Chromebooks are the future of tech/laptops/ small laptop book things. Is there a way to get cached passwords just through a command line? Chro
  4. Hey guys I'm new to the USB rubber ducky and have some questions. I want to try and make some payloads for chromebooks due to their wide use everywhere. Will that work? The password stealing payload was cool but it doesn't work due to the chrome update. I have a work around but it takes a little longer, involves going to chrome web store, installing "show password" extension, showing password, copying it, etc. Is that even possible to do with the USB rubber ducky? Where do I start? Thanks
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