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  1. Thanks for the answers :D yes I could just download them, but I had no problems for the first 5 episodes so I was just wondering if anyone else had the same problems. I used youtube but switch to stage6 for the better quality. SR
  2. Hi :D I have been watching some episodes of hak5 on stage6 but now I cant see any thing nothing happens it just comes up with a screen saying conneting and nothing else happens ? I have tryed both FireFox and IE 7.0 I have removed the webplayer and reinstalled it again no luck. So I hope someone here can help. thanks for you time and help SR.
  3. My name is Anders aka SilverRaven Favourite game: WoW Favourite OS: Windows XP Favourite console: Xbox 360 Nationality: Danish Accent: Danish Sex: Male Age:31 Race: White European Height: .88150167 × 10-16 lightyear or 178 cm. Status: Married Build: Normal+ Favourite band: Evanescence Favourite book: Lord of the rings Favourite author: J.R.R Tolkien Favourite movie: Lord of the rings Favourite director: Favourite TV Show: 24
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