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  1. So I tried the PatchAPK.exe tool on 4.1.9. What I see is that I only have 7 options, while the screenshot on https://github.com/Bin4ry/deejayeye-modder/blob/master/Readme.md shows 10. RemoveGoogleApps, removeOnlinefunction, removeSocial, OfflineLogin and enableP3Series are not there. Does this matter?
  2. Anyone managed to use a hacked APK with forcing Google Maps and no login? or is it enough to block the Here maps using hosts?
  3. Probably a bad question to ask, but can we build these APKs on Windows? If so, how?
  4. Hmm @singlag I installed on Windows 10 but Ctrl-Shift-i doesn't work. It really does for you?
  5. On Mac or Windows? Ctrl-Shift-i on Windows seems to only work with some old beta versions...
  6. Works with DJI Assistant2 Beta112.zip on Windows @HDnes Quite amazing to see all this in a graphical way. Values are read-only though, how can this be changed? Any idea?
  7. You mean while the graphical version of DJI Assistant is open? As simple as that? Got a screenshot ?
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