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  1. FCC - Mod: By the way, tried with RF meter, you do not have to change provider ID or country code or anything at all (S7 Edge, Nougat). Simply install 4.0.6, hit thst SN 11 times, use password, US, FC SN and GO. In the original chinese forum where singlag pointed us (thanks again) there is something about "changing FC SN" so i used my FC SN to be sure. And i wrote it down before. Greetings, Ender
  2. I stand very much corrected Now who can enable that secret door on 4.1.2 again ? Its still in there, only disabled ?! Ender
  3. Hi ! I was under the impression that DJI has the copter decide if it is in FCC / CE country based on GPS location and using an internal FCC/CE map. There was a successful probe to fake sat transmissions (you can do with $150 Hardware) while shiielding he real sats or inside. You have to do that while Mavic Startup, COntroller or Android App does not come into play. Did you try with RF meter if Tx / Rx power changes ?! maybe this is just for the WiFI connection, like WiFixManager.apk ? WOULD be great but hard to believe :-( Ender
  4. Do you have any idea if that version supports Spark as well ? If not then all this probably is irrelevant for Spark, right ? ---Trying to get a grip on this, but just beeing a regular coder and not well versed on hacking / rev engeneering its hard for me--- Ender
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