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  1. FCC - Mod: By the way, tried with RF meter, you do not have to change provider ID or country code or anything at all (S7 Edge, Nougat). Simply install 4.0.6, hit thst SN 11 times, use password, US, FC SN and GO. In the original chinese forum where singlag pointed us (thanks again) there is something about "changing FC SN" so i used my FC SN to be sure. And i wrote it down before. Greetings, Ender
  2. I stand very much corrected Now who can enable that secret door on 4.1.2 again ? Its still in there, only disabled ?! Ender
  3. Hi ! I was under the impression that DJI has the copter decide if it is in FCC / CE country based on GPS location and using an internal FCC/CE map. There was a successful probe to fake sat transmissions (you can do with $150 Hardware) while shiielding he real sats or inside. You have to do that while Mavic Startup, COntroller or Android App does not come into play. Did you try with RF meter if Tx / Rx power changes ?! maybe this is just for the WiFI connection, like WiFixManager.apk ? WOULD be great but hard to believe :-( Ender
  4. Do you have any idea if that version supports Spark as well ? If not then all this probably is irrelevant for Spark, right ? ---Trying to get a grip on this, but just beeing a regular coder and not well versed on hacking / rev engeneering its hard for me--- Ender
  5. Okay... how about a W7 VM ? For comfort you could use this one, DJI Assistant already installed: http://mavicpilots.com/threads/i-created-a-vm-so-we-can-all-forever-downgrade-to-400.16619/page-26#post-231468 First link, about 5gb Ender
  6. Oh god huo much i hate Twitter :-) But thanks for the link. Those guys are also really onto the matter. I saw them referring to POV, but unluckily he went under the surface sooan after the famous FW root Thread weas deleted on MavicPilots. I had limited contact to him.Did you really grok how the patches DJI_A to write stuff ? I saw the command hightlighted but i have the opinopn thats the patched SDK they were refering to ? Greetings, Ender
  7. Wow, great work and beyond my capabilties, Well done ! Ionly have a crappy reflow workstation ;-) Ender
  8. Oh crap, as i am a newbie i can not guess why that happens. DO you have hope of getting it to work ? (And please if you can, share which EMMC Interface you use and where good soldering points are). Greetings, Nils
  9. Were you able to mount the partitions from that image ? Cant you modify the files (like enableing ADB) and flash back ? Could you elaborate ? (Emmc Interface used, soldering points, ...) Thank you ! Ender
  10. Ouch ;-( probably worked in that old < .200 Firmware... The other way to het access would surely be EMMC soldering, i have an EMMC Interface, any idea where those points are ? Ender
  11. Sounds good, but as you state "no root" its probably not easy :-) So i obviously have to ask: Where to get board SN ? Where is the debug UART, via USB2Serial onthe regular port ? Or the hidden one ? or testpoints on the PCB ? Ender
  12. It is said to contain the flight logs. Makes a lot of sense in any case, easy data retrival even if the Mainboard is zapped or was emerged in water... (POV stated that afair) Ender
  13. P.S. i have more plans for the Spark ;-)
  14. Actually i have 2 gioals: As a Quadcopter pilot i'd love to have FCC tranbsmit power instead of CE but thats not too important as the Mavic has fantastic penetration and range even in CE country. Much more i'd love to cross compile for the Mavic to use USB Hardware. Either via Interfacing and processing the data directy OR by using an Android USB via WiFi client to do the processing in the Ground station. I am doing that on the Bebop 1 & 2 by Bebop with success. And of course it bugs me to have bought a device i do not have 100% access to. I'd also like to increase Bitrate of 2.7k h.264 (it was higher in the first FW's afaik and 4k makes no sense with the tiny optics, i measured that in a MavicPilots Thread). I'd also like to do Multiple Exposure and averaging & denpoising stuff as i am originally programming for image processing. All kinds of stuff but #1 would be the USB Server stuff... Ender
  15. Ahh was that the famous path traversal exploit ? POV mentioned that and i tried all i could to later learn that it was fixed in the FW version i used... Ender
  16. Interesting... So if you downgrade the FW and root could you not insert stuff to stay rooted after the update or at least to ease the process ? Ender
  17. Ifyou have any idea on making that work let us know :-) I'll ask if someone shares the installer, bt those guys want to protect their $400 Investment. Silly amount of money they must be mad... Ender
  18. IMO DJI would never do that and they also offer 500+ m Altitude hack and SPorts+ mode. DJI would NEVER allow that, so they clearly somehow broke into the system... Hmmm, Ender
  19. Hi yet again, hmm, they Do patch the FW files, that much is known. And they really go through a flashing process. (Right now they offer patched .400 & .700 versions, so if you apply their mod you end up with the selected FW version whatever your version was before). Stranger things have happened, but i wish i knew whats going on :-) Ender
  20. Yes, so you are saying: as they are signed its unlikely That coptersafe can modify them beforehand, so they may root the mavic and switch off signing check, then upload FW with modified parameters and/or binaries and they'll be done with it, right ? Is that what you feel they do most likely ? If so, maybe they leave the Mavic rooted, that could be checked by one of their customers... (ADB Shell ?!) Greetings, Ender
  21. Hello Freaky, you are of course right about encryption and signing mixup. Thats more due to the stae of mind i wrote in then to misconception but i take the point :-) They install an exe installer that cares for uploading the patched FW files to the Mavic. Hmm, that Installer could of course root the Mavic beforehand... IF its the case that they "just" modify the parameters, are those in question unsigned and unencrypted in the decomposed fw file ?! That would be strange, right ? Greetings, Ender
  22. Hi again, i guess you are aware of the Firmware mods & firmware mods that are available from "coptersafe.com", right ? It seems they were able to do just that: decrypt,mod and encrypt the sig FW files ?! Or how do you think the'd done it ? Greetings, Ender
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