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  1. Thanks, I could not find if there was a command for both random numerals and uppercase for last 5 characters so I just typed out characters for it to use (A-Z and 0-9, thought there was a shortcut....gave up lol.
  2. I am attempting to make a password file in crunch in one command, I need it to be 12 characters long and always start with 0MGSM2 those first 6 characters always the same and the 7th character always being a random digit and then the last 5 characters are a mix of uppercase letters and or digits random placed. Is there one command to do this in crunch or would I have to make multiple lists and just join them together? I tried to do it from the man page and googling but can not seem to get this one. Thank-you.
  3. I have a used mark V for sale as well, bc, canada.
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