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  1. Update Bought two more packet squirrels, updated all to firmware 1.2 Ran default payload 1 TCPdump with NTFS formatted USB drive. Worked first time like a charm, LED lit up, button worked, loot folder created etc. And the computer being mitm actually received a corporate DHCP IP, not the 172.16 one. Reflashed the first PS, still won't work. Only thing I can think of is bad hardware. Weird though, since it appears to work ok, allowing SSH into it etc.
  2. Has anybody been able to mitm a printer which was using a (windows) print server? I tried running default payload 1: tcpdump to sniff traffic going to a printer. I read the payload and saw it put the PS into transparent netmode. Hookup: [printer] --CAT5--> in-[PS]-out --CAT5--> [wall-jack-to-switch] The printer is hardcoded to a specific IPv4 address and uses a print server for spooling. Whenever the PS is placed inline, all systems & print-server say the printer is no longer reachable. Confirmed by pinging the hardcoded IP of printer that it is not reachable. PS boots up fine (blue-blinky) then starts payload, even though the printer's not available I still sent a print-job waited, hit the PS button and connected it back to my attack platform. The payload didn't seem to have run, as there was no "loot/tcpdump" folder created. The fact the printer dropped off, makes me wonder about transparent mode as well. Pretty sure there's no port-security, the other network segments don't have it. I also tried swapping the in/out cables to the PS and rebooted it, still no success.
  3. Would it be possible to have the BashBunny emulate a USB printer with Plug & Play driver which automatically gets loaded for Windows devices?
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