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  1. How long of a scan are you running? 30 seconds, 1 minute etc?
  2. Im kinda rusty! How would I install this?
  3. Flawlessly.......no. But huge update from the nano.
  4. Just noticed https://github.com/adde88/openwrt-useful-tools has been updated for MK7. Has anyone tested bettercap yet?
  5. Nexus, OnePlus, Pixel phones should all work.
  6. Yes and more with the right hardware 😎
  7. I have had this issue also. Try rebooting the nano and trying again. Sometimes is may take several reboots.
  8. @Foxtrot So logging doesn't appear to work until I run a recon scan. Any idea why this might happen? I have both filters set to deny. For PineAP settings all are checked but broadcast.
  9. You need to set the nano ip to open a browser and type
  10. Understood.......Just trying to bring some attention to the probe request issue lol.
  11. Thank you Darren and Foxtrot for responding.
  12. Multiple people are having same issue! I have posted about this on Discord, Darren's YouTube video, here and haven't heard back so GL.
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