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  1. After messing around with it, i finally got it to work. For some reason, it only works when i plug in the pineapple with the shorter side of the y cable first, then wait about 2 seconds before plugging in the data cable. Not sure why, but it works about 80% of the time.
  2. Yup, the device is in the list of acceptable USB devices. I can connect it and bridge it in the VM, i just cant access the web interface.
  3. Here is a link to a screen capture of my settings and current state. http://imgur.com/v5L9NAe
  4. My default gateway is
  5. Hello, I just received my WifiPineapple Elite edition in the mail today and i am having issues setting it up. I run my Kali 2.0 through virtualbox and it is setup with a bridged connection. I've added the WP to the list of USB devices in the VM settings. I run the wp6 and do the guided setup, confirm my default address as, confirm eth0 is my internet connection, then confirm that eth1 is the pineapple. I look at my network connection and it shows both eth0 and eth1 are connected. My ip to eth0 is given as and eth1 is When i select "connect using saved settings" in the wp6 script, it says it is "detecting wifi pineapple" and just hangs there, throwing periods for dayzzz! I cant ping either. Anybody know whats going on? Thank you.
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