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  1. So you really watched that video? I think it was part of it.
  2. Just follow the tutorial https://youtu.be/Nv1eiIwOPKo?t=1m12s
  3. For me that isn't the case. I checked both modes already. Allow and Disallow. I also added my MAC Addresses and failed. :(
  4. In general, I can confirm the above behavior of my Nano more less. It happen to me after boot. And PineAP was off. I try to build a Honeypot with the Captive Portal, to show my colleagues how a potential risk could look like. Therefore I just pluged it into a Powerbank and normally it should start and provide a Free Hotspot. It did but nobody could login. So I pluged it into my PC to see what happened. But even this new boot was not making the AccessPoint accessible. And just the reset button fixed it. But that should not be the way. If I use it stealthy in my backpack, it should always run as soon as the boot process is finished.
  5. Do you encode for the right Keyboard layout?
  6. Hi, this small playload leave a YouTube subscription to your channel, if the target Windows maschine is online and the User is logged in into his default browser. The ID must be replaced with your channel ID. REM Give me a YouTube sub REM will open youtube URL with default browser and leave a sub and close the browser REM replace the ID with your own DELAY 1000 GUI r DELAY 200 STRING https://www.youtube.com/channel/Channel_ID?sub_confirmation=1 ENTER DELAY 5000 TAB TAB SPACE DELAY 1000 ALT F4
  7. Hi, I just play around with my Nano and try to setup it for wireless use. And very often, the Management AP SSID is refusing the password and don't let me connect. Reboot / Restart did not help. And the System Log did not monitor anything. Also the Open AP (I unhide that one for testing) was refusing connection. It is the same result, having PineAP running or not. I disabled the Management AP and enabled it after updating. Now it is working again. Anybody an idea?
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