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  1. Permission Denied (publickey)

    turns out I could :-) (in case any one else was wondering)
  2. never mind. I am an idiot x_X
  3. For me this script just hangs after I accept wlan0 for " Interface between PC and Internet [wlan0]: "
  4. Permission Denied (publickey)

    Been looking around for an answer to this. Before I brick my turtle, can I use a regular mobile phone charger (I have a blackberry wall charger that has a USB interface) to power my turtle?
  5. Snagging creds from locked machines

    Do some troubleshooting first. The target computer needs to have the appropriate drivers installed to recognize the turtle as a USB lan adapter. Once you plug it in, ssh into it to make sure the modules are running. For this scenario only quickcreds and responder need to be enabled, anything else may block ports which responder may try to use. Activity on the computer is definitely something to think about. Are there any running applications? if you want to force some hashes to get sent, try SMB browsing to a share that doesn't exist or enabling auto proxy detection on IE, then browsing around to some sites. Finally, keep in mind that while capturing hashes in this manner works *most* times, there are some configurations which are resistant to the attack, in which case you may not capture any hashes at all.
  6. Snagging creds from locked machines

    Just sharing my experience in the off chance in helps someone: after initial setup -> enable quick creds and responder modules Noticed quick creds refuses to start unless responder is running and neither would auto-start in /etc/turtle/autoload-modules : 3 links were in the folder: 99-responder, 99-module-manager, 99-quick-creds renamed 99-responder to 98-responder works fine now! all modules auto-load and I got my creds in as few as 3 seconds after boot My only issue with this otherwise fantastic technique is that all win 7 computers I tried failed to auto-install the LAN drivers :-( Was really hoping to use this in the field. Does anyone know if I can still use eth1 on the turtle if the computer doesn't install the drivers? If I can't run responder on br-lan for local machines, maybe it's still useful as a self-contained LAN responder device? Thoughts?