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  1. I've tried alot of languages now when encoding and I simply cant figure out a way to type >
  2. Hi Decoy, I've now tested this by running the duck encoder directly on my Mac. However tested with both Swedish and Finnish and still get the same issues as before. Any ideas on how to proceed?
  3. Hi Decoy, I'm using the Duck toolkit encoder.
  4. Hi, I've noticed some issues when using certain characters and generating using the Scandinavian languages(Finnish, Swedish etc.). For example at one point in my script for OS X I want to do following: ifconfig > test.txt However when observing when the script is run it instead prints: ifconfig ° test.txt Any ideas why? My OS X uses Swedish keyboard layout.
  5. Hi, I'm new to both this forum and the rubber ducky. I wonder if anyone here has a script for retrieving ifconfig-information and mailing it to myself. I've seen this been done easily on Windows with e.g. Gmail. Is there a similar way for Mac OS X?
  6. Hi Enzym, By fn( or function)-key I mean the button that on Macs are left to the ctrl-key. So in other words not the same as command. I believe that I cant use the FN-key via the rubber ducky but I would like someone to confirm it.
  7. Hmm maybe I explained my case poorly. I have no issue running applications from spotlight and no issue running commands in the terminal. The issue is enabling "Full keyboard access" via the Rubber Ducky. I know how to do it via the GUI and the shortcut is fn+ctrl+f7, however I cant use fn with Ducky script.
  8. Hi Forum, I have a question regarding function keys on Mac. Basically what I want to do in one of my scripts is to enable "Full keyboard access" this setting can be found under preferences->Keyboard->Shortcuts. There is a keybind to change this and by default that is set to control+F7(however it is actually fn+control+f7). Is there a way to utilize the function keys so that I can do this keybind? Or is there another way for me to enable this via rubber ducky that you guys and girls can think of? All help is appreciated!
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