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Found 5 results

  1. I was kinda curious how other people would do this. So you take a regular Fibonacci sequence like this: 0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 144 233 377 610 987 1597 2584 4181 6765 10946 17711 28657 46368 75025 121393 196418 317811 514229 832040 1346269 2178309 3524578 5702887 9227465 But I'm changing it up a bit so I get a different sequence like this one: 1, 2, 4, 7, 11, 20, 33, 54, etc The math looks something like this and I can do it on paper. 1+1+2+3+5+8+13+21+34+45+79 1+1+2+3+5+ 8+13+21+34+45 1+1+2+3+ 5+ 8+13+21+34 1+1+2+ 3+ 5+ 8+13+21 1+1+ 2+ 3+ 5+ 8+13 1+ 1+ 2+ 3+ 5+ 8 1+ 1+ 2+ 3+ 5 1+ 1+ 2+ 3 1+ 1+ 2 1+ 1 1 So in a regular fibonacci sequence it's something like this: #include<iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int fib1 = 0, fib2 = 1, fib3 = 1; cout << "The Fibonacci Series is : " << endl << fib1 << " " << fib2 << " "; while (fib1 + fib2 < 1000000) { fib3 = fib1 + fib2; fib1 = fib2; fib2 = fib3; cout << fib3 << " "; } cout << endl; return 0; } Not sure if the best way to to do this is write all of the possible fibonacci numbers to an array then loop through the array to add up the numbers for the sequence or if I should use the final fib values and count backward from the final two fib values just doing a backwards subtaction pattern. These are hypothetical questions. Question: Can you create a dynamic multi-dimensional array without knowing how many dimensions the array will have. I understand the part about creating a dynamic array where you can load in any number of variables. I suppose I could just load all of those values into an array then use nested for loops for each iteration. So int a =x; int b =x-1; int c= x-2; etc. Peronally I like array idea because it is easy but that's not the most optimal way to do it. I'm sure someone a little more savvy could make this happen using less memory and faster. Using Fibonacci's sequence to describe timeline forks. So say you have computer virus that spread from one machine to the next in a given amount of time. The first machine will continue to also infect machine until there are no more machines to infect. But that's not the only application for this.
  2. Hi Forum, I have a question regarding function keys on Mac. Basically what I want to do in one of my scripts is to enable "Full keyboard access" this setting can be found under preferences->Keyboard->Shortcuts. There is a keybind to change this and by default that is set to control+F7(however it is actually fn+control+f7). Is there a way to utilize the function keys so that I can do this keybind? Or is there another way for me to enable this via rubber ducky that you guys and girls can think of? All help is appreciated!
  3. Hi! I've been trying to find a reliable way to search and open terminal or any other applications in OSX. The way that is being used which is CMD-SPACE is risky because this is a default shortcut that any one can change. However, Fn-F4 (Launchpad Key) is always working and easy to search for application from any window or app without running to an issue if the other app is using CMD-SPACE. I wonder if there's a way to add Fn key so we can combine it with F1-F2... keys. Thank you! AJ
  4. I would like to open the command entry dialog inside of linux (ubuntu). The keyboard short cut on my computer is ALT FN F2. I have not been able to figure out how to input this in the ducky script so that it actually opens the command entry dialog. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. I am creating phishing pages for websites which includes making m.facebook.com for the mobile site and facebook.com for desktop users. Now it works good, but most users don't go to m.facebook.com they go to facebook.com and let php do the redirection for them on mobile sites. Now I got it working mostly. This is my setup. Redirect.php has a line that points facebook to facebookredirect.php. The facebookredirect.php file looks like this That code is from here. The code "mobile_device_detect.php" is for checking if the request for the site is from a mobile web browser or from a desktop which is here The facebookredirect.php says that if it is a mobile web browser go here or if it is a normal page go here. Now it works on my web hosting server but not on the pineapple. The error I get is this Apparently this function is looking for strings in the browsers User-Agent. The pineapple should be able to run this included function. It is included in php 4 and 5. If you put these files (click here) in a web directory on a web server like hostgator or dreamhost and go the the facebookredirect.php page and depending on your browser you should go to the correct page. facebookmobile.htm for phones and facebook.htm for desktops. If I could figure out this error and get it working it would be pretty slick for any users that go to facebook.com on the pineapple to seamlessly go to the mobile site for mobile users and the normal site for desktop users.
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