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  1. My name is Spirited wolf ,Favourite game: Call of duty[All parts ]Favourite OS: Ubuntu and Debian Favourite console: --Nationality: British/ American (Dual citizenship) Accent: English (eastern) Sex: Male Race: --Height: 5"6'Build: Just joined gym :P Favourite band: GoogleFavourite book: Hacking: The Art of ExploitationFavourite author: Jon EricksonFavourite movie: Captain America: Civil WarFavourite director: Anthony RussoFavourite TV Show: I love to watch animes. Favourite actor: --Favourite actress: JenniferFavourite Pinup: --Favourite Comedian: MyselfOther hobbies: Programming, Exploration, Sky diving, climbing mountains. Car: Mazda MX-5 MiataOccupation: Student and a YouTuber.
  2. Venom .dll vector(winrar/sfx compressed + fast_migrate.rc)-By Spirit Hello Hak5 members, Actually i am new here and i love Hak5 show. I am also a YouTuber and i will love to share my tutorials here. So if you don't know me then let me introduce myself I'm Spirit , 15 years old YouTuber and today i'm here to tell you about the malicious " .dll vector " to exploit windows OS's. In this tutorial we will compress two file(our payload) to one .exe executable file with SFX and we will also use fast_migrate to migrate our process to wininit.exe. So in this tutorial Our, Attacker machine::Backbox (which is using Venom The Shellcode Generator) Victim::Windows 7 Framework that we will use::Metasploit So, if you like my tutorial then please Subscribe/Like/Share my Channel. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This tutorial is for educational purpose only. I'll not be responsible for any harm. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please Subscribe my channel:: www.youtube.com/c/Pentestingwithspirit && Please like our facebook page also:: www.facebook.com/Pentestingwithspirit Follow me on twitter:: @spirit3113
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