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  1. Love this module! Seemed to work great. The only issue I've seen is that the images box fills up with broken image icons. I cant actually see what the images are, just that a couple get loaded every time a new URL is captured. Any thoughts?
  2. Hey all, The Tetra allows us to do so many great things. We can spoof the SSID and make a Client think they are connecting to a "known" AP. The Client has the WPA2 password stored to automatically connect to its "known" AP. Why can't we spoof the SSID (and MAC if necessary) but also prompt for a passkey (WEP/WPA/WPA2 depending on the legitimate AP) and sniff the passkey that the Client sends? I have a feeling the issue has to do with hashing done at each sides of the 4-way handshake. It just seems like we should be able to MitM some of this. Appreciate anyones input
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