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  1. Is it possible to see network traffic on a device that's connected to the internet via the Nano in WireShark? - I have connected (USB) and configured my Nano on a Windows machine - In Windows, I shared my WiFi connection with the Nano - Through the Nano, I've set up a new SSID to which another devices can connect - When I connect another device to the Nano, I am now able to surf on the internet on that specific device (e.g. another laptop or mobile phone) However, I can not see this network traffic in WireShark when I select to monitor the WiFi source. Any thoughts on how to set this up?
  2. I also tried the unbrick tutorial, but didn't work for me. I was able to get into the "firmware update" page, but after uploading the firmware file, it keeps updating.. almost for one hour now in the 'update in progress screen'
  3. Today, my new Pineapple Nano arrived. However, I'm not able to start the device up ... When I plug it in, the blue led lights up for about 5 seconds. Then it turns off, and nothing happens. When I go to /pineapple/ (, the page cannot be displayed. I then tried to do a factory reset, but also that does not work. Again, nothing happens. Finally I tried to do a firmware recovery, but also that doesn't work. However, after holding the reset button and plugging it in, the blue led remains solid. Unfortunately, again nothing happens when going to after configuring a static ip Does someone recognizes this? What else can I try?
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