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  1. @ByRosenberg @MatiasDuarte Pretty damn high, considering we have gun control.

  2. @Coextro Do you service M5V4A9?

  3. @thisispolica lol, could you imagine a 12 million dollar jacket?

  4. @jtaby You expect too much. @Sonos

  5. lol does python really give a fuck between tabs and spaces?

  6. @7R4V5 I have no idea, but I would bet yes.

  7. @ziyatong I did strawberry picking as a kid--- definitely paid slave labor

  8. @bailnicole Is that you??

  9. RT @ziyatong: Scientists suspect they may be running out of small fish due to our over-fishing. https://t.co/X3729hb3hR

  10. RT @harrysfetusmama: I want someone to look at me the way leo looks at his girl scout cookies https://t.co/lCHtY7mw4E

  11. RT @ziyatong: Little kids in Uganda see a drone for the first time. Their excitement is really cute. https://t.co/8IFa2W5hHK

  12. Windows 10 is just miles ahead of OSX.

  13. Gamer girl kicks our asses in CSGO. Gets called a hacker. I defend the accused "hacker". I'm now a "white knight", and I should "stfu".

  14. How come I can have 250mbit at home, but at work, we have 100mbit? The fuck is wrong with some companies?

  15. So is Trump ruler of the free world?

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