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  1. In this case, I will might try a Raspberry Pi (w/Kali) and connect it to my iPhone via wifi hotspot. Then Nano connect via USB/Eth to Raspberry Pi. Would that work? Hope there's plan to support iOS hotspot directly to the Wifi Pineapples in the future. Thanks for the quick response!!
  2. I tried connecting to that AP, which was created during the initial setup. But I am getting an 192.168.2.x IP. Is there something did wrong? Thanks.
  3. Hi, Wondering if I can installing a USB WIFI dongle (I have one that works) on to Nano, and connect it via my iPhone and be able to access the dashboard I only have an iPhone and would like to wirelessly access it. Is this possible, if so how do you go about setting this up?
  4. That's super great news! Now I hope there are plenty of them left for new orders....
  5. Like wise, I have a few items in the cart already and just waiting for the Tetra to fill in the last bit. A heads up would be appreciated!
  6. I hope there are some Tetras left after the fulfuillment. I'm looking to get both Nano and Tetra together. But being cheap on shipping + custom brokerage, I just have to wait for Tetra to restock. Sigh
  7. Any updates on when the Tertra will be in stock?
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