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  1. Thanks HammerHead, will try that, and great! Thanks for letting me know how to tunnel in! Really? The only module i saw yesterday was Evil Portal. Where do i go to download others? And do i just ssh in my pineapple and drop them in there?
  2. Thank you Barry! That straightens things out. Glad to know it is it's own DHCP lol Thought I was going crazy lol And I'm glad they are being rewritten. Though I'm kind of wondering why the same language wasn't used between versions... Sorry, I have a couple of your posts, and what I read, I didn't hear about any specific modules being written. Honestly I really just want Reaver and possibly even Pixie. I use them on Kali, and I'm going to school to become certified in Ethical Hacking. I love computers, I love learning about the command line. I've done very basic programming with Java. I've
  3. Ok so I'm kind of sad right now. I figured the Nano would have been like the original, with the ability to get modules and everything. I had no idea they would have to be rewritten. Anyways, I guess my question is: are modules that were available for MKIV going to be available eventually for the Nano? I've seen Evil Portal so far, but (no offense to the dev) I'm not really looking for that. I would love to see reaver and aircrack-type modules. I was so excited to be able to use reaver. I'm a big fan of pen testing (but i am still new to the area). I love working in Linux (i just started using
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