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  1. https://www.dropbox.com/s/m1i8q8dcvpw4mlf/Screenshot.png?dl=0 if that li9nik does not work... attached sorries https://www.dropbox.com/s/m1i8q8dcvpw4mlf/Screenshot.png?dl=0 Learning FreeBsd , I sstil <3 kali.... I decided to try out bsd and LOVES it... xorg + mate ..... learning shell scripting... thinking of writing bbs rpg........ not sure... Just a wild hair for the night I've noticed that mate has a good bug amount I love it though... *Tired* I might be making video tutorial's on shell scripting .... soon...... that with c and c++... :) I'm trying to go to school for system network + software cannot decide that or engineering.... sorry about my grammer its alll night.... i'd like to build more firewalls with more routers GIBSON! :P
  2. Ok, I have the coolest idea! This time! I was thinking like neo dog..... how you he can see all the information of data running threw the matrix.... Now check this a snorkler .. /router..... enough said NO! Ok so like you have it work like a portable packet sniffer ..... ok maybe more discreat .... but still... snorkley... It would sniff packets everywhere you go and output them in goggles... but you would have a access server where these packet's would be sent to and a attachment where the packets would be stored.... so you could see the wireless data being passed just like "wireshark or simpiler" ..... yes... then you could send them to you're h-omey, who could do what he need's thats what i'm saying.... JOB DONE>.... think man think... just saying I could of sent this to the military dog and like caused technoligy wars.
  3. I have a broken finger atm but in a couple day's anyone down to play some freestyle gunz pretty good community just ought to be pro ... http://fgunz.net/ Or be all supa fly..... They dont host ijji one offcourse T_T...... 4 years... Gunz 2 ... is not the same .... not fast paced enough for me...... to really like the type of game... http://fgunz.net/ - probley the best private server..... Check it out ... Or maybe some ultima online idk.....
  4. Yeah i'm trying the same thing thus this time using freeBsd which i'm not familier with at all :_) will have to get coding on thus , in the future..... And spankens from rappies level 2. -Double light saber
  5. Hi, thank you for viewing this topic. I was browsing about proxy chains + vpn's .... Myth or not ... Apparently there was some legal issue with that .. also i'm not sure why or how the effect would be.... So if I was running windows, *ran linux with (virtual box), installed the same, or another vpn.. and repeat the process... Would this connect 1 to the other(chaining sub os vpn's to run a large tunnel) I think i'm anwsering my own question here. *if i'm running one os with a vpn ) I would just be connecting, threw just that os's vpn...(not chaining just using the same vpn like normal)... Caught a article on the whole subject.... Is this a wrong or right statement ? *Dreams of coding a vpn chain system* *drooling* There was that new turtle and from my understanding it connects threw a cloud network , I do not think its exactly what im dreaming of here... However it deffently conquers the use of proxy chaining with extra security all that.... I was questioning this also having a firewall + another os firewall...... maybe another a good piece hardware or software....I see alot of over-stimulation, offcourse because any firewall with proper time can do alot.... Though one firewall has one attack from the other .... Interesting concept however, I think it's not one complete network. It's the same network with different loaded software blah blah blah *:)... So i'm pretty sure not to offend that this statement might be a joke or invalid... -Hi ho rappy away
  6. Thank you good sir I did some reasearch the other day's... found out I was smart ... and huffed paint... Seriously thank you again kind sir.
  7. Just curious I broke into kali alittle bit(2.0), I love the new kali suit even know i'm still using windows 7 : I have not messed around much with unix - however I found debian a sweet suite in whole.... quick and effeciant ... I was taking a gander over freeBsd it looked like the next best thing - running a IBM unix suite *which offcourse is not avaible to general public* from my understanding. Generally I was alittle overbeared with the major disclaimer from at&t.... before homepage that's ok though. I've read up on kali it has a good rep yet not really by the general unix/linux populace why I have no clue* I guess cause it's scary*... even windows runs threw a net frame work and unix... Kindof a silly sort ..... What's you're opinion on which one to use : I know kali run's debian ....... FreeBsd Runs Unix There both new with a grub thats not really the big deal ....... My questions are... *noob friendly please* I know as in the job market im looking forward to taking classe's .... software development c / c++ ...... but from the looks of it, UNIX is a must... Not the funnest question, but to kiss ass alittle I love hack5 I hope to be doing buisness in the near future ..... great educational videos..... keep it going it's hard to find a more alternative education these days. Sincerly, You'rs truly.. Ps. We all google however i'm a lazy bastard. Looking for good advice.
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