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Found 8 results

  1. Im trying to exploit my rooted galaxy core prime which is vulnerable to the exploit/unix/x11/x11_keyboard_exec module. Im having a bit of trouble getting a shell. Ive got to the point where a session is created, but when i try to interact with the session to get a shelll it just stops and hangs and does nothing. Ive tried different payloads but the same thing happens everytime. It just says interacting with session <ID>, and I cant get any further than that. Any tips or help would be appreciated. And Im also a bit confused on configuring the reverse shell payload. is the LHOST supposed to be my IP or the victims in a reverse shell. plus what is the proper IP and port number for "ReverseListenerBindAddress" and "ReverseListenerBindPort? Thank you.
  2. Hey, i'm reading a book Metasploit The Penetration Testers Guide and in it the author mentions that in general you should not set the THREADS value in Metasploit to more than 16 on Windows machines and more than 128 on UNIX style machines. I'm just curious as to why, and also why so little on windows? Later in the book the author also uses 255 threads for a port scan. Thanks
  3. I found this on news.ycombinator and thought it informative and a quadi-fun read. Good for some people with less then professional skills in the unix file system. /did not search https://ablagoev.github.io/linux/adventures/commands/2017/02/19/adventures-in-usr-bin.html
  4. Hi all, I'm interested in going down the route of Unix Administrator, in particular HP-UX. I'm semi-decent in Linux anyway, having used Kali / Debian lots. I also work in IT so have good general knowledge I've purchased myself Essential System Administration: Tools and Techniques for Linux and Unix Administration and HP Certified Systems Administrator - 11i V3, 3rd Edition for study. Any other tips for learning Unix Administration? I'd love to get my hands on a practice HP-UX environment that I can use from home, but I haven't had any luck in finding one. Does anyone know of a practice environment for HP-UX or similar that I can use to teach myself the everyday workload of a Unix Admin? Thanks.
  5. Just curious I broke into kali alittle bit(2.0), I love the new kali suit even know i'm still using windows 7 : I have not messed around much with unix - however I found debian a sweet suite in whole.... quick and effeciant ... I was taking a gander over freeBsd it looked like the next best thing - running a IBM unix suite *which offcourse is not avaible to general public* from my understanding. Generally I was alittle overbeared with the major disclaimer from at&t.... before homepage that's ok though. I've read up on kali it has a good rep yet not really by the general unix/linux populace why I have no clue* I guess cause it's scary*... even windows runs threw a net frame work and unix... Kindof a silly sort ..... What's you're opinion on which one to use : I know kali run's debian ....... FreeBsd Runs Unix There both new with a grub thats not really the big deal ....... My questions are... *noob friendly please* I know as in the job market im looking forward to taking classe's .... software development c / c++ ...... but from the looks of it, UNIX is a must... Not the funnest question, but to kiss ass alittle I love hack5 I hope to be doing buisness in the near future ..... great educational videos..... keep it going it's hard to find a more alternative education these days. Sincerly, You'rs truly.. Ps. We all google however i'm a lazy bastard. Looking for good advice.
  6. Hello everyone. First post on here so bear with me. I am a cyber security student trying to learn to use kali and linux in general, and I have a problem with wifi. I have dual booted Kali with windows 8.1, and I cannot use the internet when I boot into kali. I get an ip address from my router's dhcp, I can ping addresses outside the network, like, but I cannot connect to any web pages. I need to connect while I work on kali for school work. Anybody know whats going on? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hey guys, If anyone's aware of THC's IPV6 attack suite against the IPV6 protocol, please lend me a hand. Flood_router26 and other tools in the suite only run on linux natively, the readme suggests they will not work on OS X. Are there any alternative methods for router flooding from native OS X? Thanks
  8. Hi guys, I'm trying to learn bash scripting and I've got a little problem that I thought maybe you could help with. Here's the jest of it.... I have a command line tool called "xprop"that displays the properties of an image file. "xprop" results look something like this... Image_name: This is the file name. Image_Resolution: This is the image resolution. Image_Channels: This is the number of image channels. Channel_Types: This is the channel types. Bit_Depth: This is the bit depths. My question is, using this "xprop" script file, what do you think the best way would be to display only the File name and Resolution that the "xprop" script returns for all the image files in my current directory, and then send that output data to a new text document? Any help would be amazing! ;) Thanks for this channel. It's amazing! peace
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