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  1. Imho the only thing you will get out of certifications is the fact that you can pass the recruimtent/hrm stage of getting a new job/project. These days, in that stage, talking about your skills is not important because these people would not understand what you are saying. They just wanna check the default boxes on the hiring form so their ass is covered when anything goes wrong in a later stage. And some of the best tech people i worked with didn't have any kind of post college certifications, and i think there is little of no connection between skill and certain certs (i've also seen certificated people who could only use pre-learned procedures, unable to be creative and think outside the box). So my advice is. Unless you are a great networker and can circumvent hrm, first look what certifications you need to get the job you want and then just get those. That being said. I think the world would be so much better if hrm and recruitment was removed from the hiring chain, and would just do the paper work (and maybe provide some information) at the end of the proces like they used to do and were meant to do in the first place. But maybe i'm becomming an old cynic and don't understand the new world.
  2. Hello all, I was wondering if a method exists to hide a windows window from a remote terminal connection snooper (like a domain admin or such). Same for a usb disk station, but i think that is harder to do. Like giving the window a false windows id so, the tsc protocol won't pick it up, or something like that. This way you would be able to work safely on a desktop without someone else on the network looking in on you. Regards, Rick
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