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  1. RT @beatsrhymegrime: @MultusLeo Yung Saber - By Your Side (She's Crying) (@Yungsaber) | Link Up TV http://t.co/6hW9WjUXZt plz RT

  2. Snow Tha Product - Play [Music Video] http://t.co/As6cs9Nu1C

  3. RAW Cypher: Asher Roth, King Chip, $kinny & Chevy Woods http://t.co/JrL5zwqf9S

  4. RT @rightnowio_feed: Ohio police: Ex- fatally shoots Miami student, kills self http://t.co/yxvAhdsYfJ #LOSAngeles #Tyishamiller via @frankm

  5. RT @thergenrade: Printer in throes of existential crisis. Replace, or don't, what's the use. Printing is meaningless. http://t.co/SnybzEi989

  6. Well, that independent study is done. Me + lots of alcohol + family = jail

  7. RT @Asapj0sh: You're lucky af if you got who you want

  8. RT @JokeBlogger: Have you ever noticed that the more street cred someone has the lower their credit score is? http://t.co/f8P0y6mcxr by @Th

  9. RT @GigaBitcoin: The Winklevoss Brothers on Gemini, the 'NASDAQ of Bitcoin' - CoinDesk http://t.co/VPu2lk9wE9 via @GoogleNews

  10. Oceans Ate Alaska - Vultures And Sharks (Official Music Video) http://t.co/5wkVVzLExK

  11. RT @WipeHomophobia: The Gay Holocaust - we must NEVER forget. http://t.co/ZKzpJ5PBxg

  12. RT @rightnowio_feed: RT @ndtv: One worker killed, 3 injured in mudslide at under-con... http://t.co/lSiW20Rs9M #Walkwithkejriwal #Maine #De

  13. Listen to CES Cru - Sound Bite by StrangeMusicInc Official #np on #SoundCloud https://t.co/wbAawMmL18

  14. RT @Skeet_Vutton4L: Pussys Makin Dis Songs I ont Say Nun Back So wen The Police Find ay Nigga Dont Nun Match

  15. RT @johnalogue: Sony is set to reboot Ghostbusters, this time with a female cast. That is, unless they get hacked by ghosts.

  16. RT @nochillnaveed: If you get into a argument with your girl and she doesn't send you that 6-12 paragraph text, just know that your time is…


  18. RT @boomjinx: Friends show their love in times of trouble, not in happiness." ― Euripides

  19. RT @SunTzuSaid: In difficult ground, keep steadily on the march.

  20. I swear, some people need to read more about the drugs they consume. Mushrooms aren't suppose to be black, that's how you kill people.

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