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  1. I too would like to be able to disable the open connection from the web interface.
  2. If I edit the open ap config in wifi management I can change it to be secure, however my usb adapater (Wlan 2 gets disabled everytime try to do anything with it if I use wifi manager) If I go into network to change the mac address on wlan2 it says it changed then just has a blank address in the slot, then it gets disabled. I have to unplug and replug my usb adapter to see it again. If I try to connect to an ap in client mode with my usb adapter it gets disabled. So I removed wifi manager and reset wireless settings. When I go into network to change mac address on my usb adapater it works just fine, when I try to connect to an ap with my usb adapter it works just fine. So wifi management infusion is conflicting with the network infusion. Just using the network infusion I can do everything I want to except remove the open ap that starts by default.
  3. I already tried Wifi Manager, it seems to cause problems with the network infusion. After I removed the config and apply the change it still broadcasts the hidden open ap. So I rebooted the pineapple, and once it boots up it displays the default ssid the pineapple comes with. So it just overwrites the deleted config with the default. I would really love to see the disable check box option that is available for the secure ap. It seems it forces you to use the open ap.
  4. Hi, After I updated to the new firmware there is an open ap and a secure ap option. Is there any way to disable the open ap if I only want the secure ap to broadcast? I know you can hide the open ap ssid but I don't want it to show up at all. The only way to I got it to go away was using the wifi management infusion, but If it do that it causes problems when I try to use my usb wifi adapter in client mode. My usb adapter keeps getting disabled every time I try to connect to an ap. I just want to broadcast my secure ap. Thanks
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