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  1. Sent in the Suggestion, thanks for taking your time to read this and hope you add the suggestion. Please Close this thread if possible, thanks.
  2. I don't want to limit the connections just to password wifi(just to ONE! wifi connection, we don't need 2)
  3. oh btw karma WILL Function if you have the password to the wifi btw. I have been to many hospitals where they give out the password to their wifi and have use karma on a protected wifi point(all u need to do is change your wifi protected password to their's. It's basic logic, all karma does is intercept the devices probes and redirects it to the mark 5(You can also block anyone who tries to connect to their wifi if you have the wrong password, which is good if u want to be an asshole to your friends). also quoting the other person above me, looks like this is true and provides a even more security flaw. Another reason to remove this second open one is that it will flood the airwaves(very settle, but in places with many wifi connections around this could serve an issue) with, NO REAL PURPOSE. All I want is the option to disable the second one and if i need it again an option to re-enable it from within the web interface.(i think that is the better option)
  4. yes that is true, many non-tech savy people would probably find the hidden access point, but I found it with ease and could still connect to it with ease. I still think they should have the way they had it before and have an option to have a/an open access point if u want it.
  5. U can s Disable the encrypted one and only "hide" the open one. Also having the other encryptions serve a purpose of having system u can test hacking into yourself/teach other and show why u shouldnt have this type of encryption of course there is always other reasons and never a good reason not to have the option., also other things that are somewhat useful to me.
  6. I have a few questions for whoever thought it was a good idea to offer less choices on the new update on the pineapple? More specifically, what added benefit does it give users not to choose their wifi encryption protocol, or what added benefit does it give users not to disable the open connection all togetther from the easy to use web interface? Everything else you did with this update is just fine(at least from what I've seen) besides that area. Why would you think that giving less ease of use was better? I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one thinking this and noone should be ok with what was done with that area.
  7. well I just reflashed the firmware and yeah i did try connecting through ethernet, but didn't seem to work. Probably should keep this thread here just to let everyone know not to do what I did.
  8. How do i fix my wifi pineapple? I just bricked it with the new update that broadcasts 2 wifi points at once. So I thought I could turn off the open one by remove the SSID completely and saving it. nope, just bricked it. There is a red blinking light and a solid green light. So how do i Fix it?
  9. thanks for letting me know, I thought i was doing something wrong somehow. Thanks for the perl script, I'll try it out myself as it seems it does more than wps with a breif overview.
  10. Has anyone else ran into the issue that this infusion for some reason cannont pickup wps enabled networks.(I've used kali ALOT before along with other linux operating systems), so I'm familiar with the "wash" command, ran it. The networks with wps enabled actually showed up, but when some reason this infusion just doesn't work(at least for me). I think I might just stick with putty instead, unless someone has a fix.
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