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  1. ya its kind of ridiculous, I wouldn't recommend someone buying it until this is fixed. Its obviously a pretty widespread issue and they can't say its something we're doing. Seb posted in this thread and then we never heard from him again. wth is going on boys?
  2. I don't even run that much. I have PineAP running, sslstrip, and I have the external adapter as a client to provide internet. Literally nothing the stupid thing shouldnt be able to run. I've reproduced it on multiple pineapples. I doubt it's a hardware issue because what are the odds so many people would have this issue and just be finding out about it now. Its got to be something with the firmware.
  3. The point is when running simple tasks such as wifite, or even JUST pineap. the pineapple reboots. Even in a closed environment where the pineap suite only has one client connected and only 1 essid in the list. after about 15 min it reboots. Literally any load on the thing and itll crash. Obviously not working as intended.
  4. Couldn't have said it better myself lol so many people having this issue and NO word on anything. Hell even if they came on here and blamed us for it and said there was nothing wrong with the pineapple atleast that'd be a response from them.
  5. any news? I find it rather fun that other threads get comments back but nothing has been said about the reboots? I tested my second pineapple and it has the exact same issue. Obviously theres something going on here that needs to be addressed.
  6. I run PineAP Suite and sslstrip. It'll run for a few minutes and reboot. Doesn't get hot at all. I can also replicate this when running wifite. I'm using the default ac adapter, the usb dongle i bought with the pineapple. Seems to be quite a few people with this problem, but no comments from anyone about it from hak5.
  7. dude I feel your pain. My pineapple reboots every 10-15 minutes. I start PineAP and all the tools for it. It'll work for a little and then random reboots. No clients (testing in closed environment, only about 15 aps and reboot every single time.
  8. So I can confirm this isn't related to a specific pineapple. Just opened the second one, updated to 2.0.4 and threw on wifite and locked up 4:55 into the crack. Altho this time it was a little different. hanging but not rebooting but never the less there are issues with it. also just had a crash from just using pineap. had about 30 ap with 3 clients and sslstrip running. randomly crashed. Some pretty serious instability issues here hak5.
  9. Well later on, after I head to the bar tn I'm going to open the second one I bought (ordered two) and see if it has a similar issue. Ill keep this post updated on anything I find.
  10. So reflashed it, removed the extra adapter and tried a crack of my wep network right next to me. getting 500 IVs/second. got to about 24k IVs in about 2.5 min and then reboot.
  11. I will go ahead and do that. Thanks for trying tho. appreciate it.
  12. Firmware Version: 2.0.4 I can do some other simple things, been testing pineap (which btw is pretty awesome well done guys). Have managed to have my mac, bb and iphone all auto connect to pineap instead of my home ap. Doesn't crash altho sometimes wlan1 will randomly go down. I tried changing the IVs to crack to a much higher number, thinking maybe the cracking was causing it, but the latest attempt actually crashed < 10k IVs.
  13. calling it with just ./wifite. no arguements at all. I've tried -aircrack and -all to see if anything changes but no success.
  14. YA even with the spare dc adapter it still crashes. Seems to get varying times before it crashes. latest one got 3 min into the crack, with 30k IVs and then reboots.
  15. Give me one sec, found a spare laying around. testing it now. Thanks for the replies btw. I'll answer back in about 10 min.
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