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  1. Anything that flies with a working Mode S transponder will be visible. At the end of March I spotted the Marine One helicopter with POTUS on board near Brussels, even though they'd obfuscated the ICAO aircraft address. A fleet of police and army helicopters were also on duty that day according to the Plane Plotter log. What you won't see is their position on the map - they don't reveal their position nor speed, just ID and altitude.
  2. You probably meant 143.050 MHz - the GRAVES radar in France? Depending on where you are in the UK, you might try to pick up two radio beacons specifically dedicated to meteor scatter in Belgium : The 150 Watt beacon at Dourbes (Centre de Physique du Globe, GPS coordinates 50° 5' 51.1" north, 4° 35' 18.5" east) transmitting on 49.97 MHz CW and RHCP. The 50 Watt beacon OT1KZG at Zillebeke (Astrolab IRIS - Vereniging Voor Sterrenkunde, GPS coordinates 50° 49' 3" north, 2° 54' 45" east) on 49.99 MHz CW and LHCP. There's a network of about two dozen stations - Belgian RAdio Meteor Stations - gath
  3. Only about 60-65 % of the aircraft detected by ADS-B reveal their position. The ones that don't are military and private aircraft - business jets, small single-engined turboprops, and old aircraft lacking a GPS belonging to dubious airline companies. You probably came across the term 'MLAT' or 'multilateration' - a triangulation technique that can reveal the position of these aircraft. It requires a special setup (precise timing) of the ADS-B decoder software and a community of MLAT sharers. It might be a good idea to devote an HAK5 episode to this subject? Late March POTUS and his flying cir
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