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  1. RT @AminESPN: Patrick Beverley playing free safety out here lol

  2. RT @CauseWereGuys: Stephen Curry has been hitting 3s all his life http://t.co/KxVaVTwbpv


  4. exams = not done; nba playoffs = started; me = nooooooooo

  5. ..when people unnecessarily tag people in comments on Facebook #grindsmygears #facebookaintinstagram

  6. hey @PHIL_FISH just saw the indie game: the movie and i just wanted to say i appreciate you putting all that effort and stress into the game

  7. anyone interested in going to see @moshekasher on may 10th? do I know any comedy fans?

  8. RT @anderslysack: never use "guilty pleasure" as an excuse, embrace who you are and enjoy the things you like proudly and confidently

  9. RT @DavidSpade: Instagram is down. Does that mean they cancel coachella? I mean whats the point of going now. To hear the music??

  10. cartoon rappers, this is unreal hahaha https://t.co/vqLDpdW2yv

  11. ahhh thank you so much, I got mine updated now. and not including sudo ./ worked for me as well. and now for the keyboard pop up.. need to change the pids/vid or whatever to make it register as an apple keyboard ill let you know if i figure out how to do it. edit: I Just plugged it in after updating and it worked. booya.
  12. anyone got any help on this? would it be easier to update on my windows machine?
  13. I just got my Rubber Ducky a few hours ago and when I attempt to use it on my Mac it pop up with the Keyboard Setup Assistant instead of executing the inject.bin. Running Mavericks 10.9.2. I've read around this forum and have read about updating the firmware to 2.1 and changing the PIN and VIN. I am new to the terminal and I don't really know how to update the firmware. I attempted to install dfu-programmer, but got a usb.h error, so I read around more and downloaded usblib installed that, but still got the error. I copied the usb.h file into the /usb/include location, still got errors, but it may have worked... I dont know. Even with this maybe installed I don't know how to exactly update the firmware on my Rubber Ducky. Can someone please direct me to or instruct me on how to get it to work on Mavericks and bypass the Keyboard Setup? Thank you in advance. note: it functions completely fine on my windows xp machine.
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