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  1. @ Koolkarnt i have never been able to get wash to work via SSH.

    This is my command.

    wash -i mon0 -C -D

    Just had a quick Google around and there saying you need libsqlite3-dev but i have it lol oh well


  2. I have also had the same issue fella got bored of asking as i know the chaps who make these infusion also have other things do, instead I'm thinking of one of these https://www.newit.co.uk/shop/All-CuBox/Cuboxes attaching it to my Pineapple installing Kali on it then BAM Metasploit is very important to me and iv got just what I'm looking for a proper remote pen testing tool :)



  3. Thanks ZaraByte i have a Ipad mini which works well with Metasploit forgot the version but ill let you know !! problem i had was with Ruby Gems when i updated to the new version what i was running think it was version 4.3.2 ill get back to you on that m8.

    Hey Darren nice to catch up with you fella yea i could pivot but what about if I'm doing a pentest out and about for a client !! I need power to my pineapple thinking the way forward now is Raspberry PI or a Cube Box and pivot through that i understand that also needs power but i need to know it can run either Kali or Metasploit

    Thanks again chaps


  4. I know most of you here are very happy with setting these infusions up its easy point click go, but nothing really comes with instructions as to get it to work properly, I'm not to bad with the command line as been doing it one or two years but it would be good to see a setup video, as i have run into a few problems setting up one or two, pinneapplestatus was fun then i had to go through sql commands easy when you know how, just took me a bit to get my head round it again, know what ya gonna say how hard is it to create a DB create a user and insert the sql commands and give permissions how hard can it be, the information needs to be stored somewhere!!

    Not bitching lads just be great to come with some instructions.

    Keep up the great work chaps. :)



  5. Is there any way to get Metasploit working on the Pineapple after there major update ??

    I have it working on IOS 7 but had to use an old version and cant update it because it breaks, i know it needs dependencies and so on just haven't tried it just yet.

    Any one else tried to get this working on the Mark V ??.



  6. This was copied from another thread


    You can use the DIP switches to perform a factory reset but it sounds like you may be using the wrong switches or not using the correct procedure. Try this:

    NOTE: With the switches facing you, they are ordered 1 - 5 from left to right.

    1) Power off your Pineapple.

    2) Place your DIP switches in the following sequence:

    Switch 1 - UP

    Switch 2 - DOWN

    Switch 3 - DOWN

    Switch 4 - UP

    Switch 5 - UP

    3) Power on your Pineapple

    4) Wait 5 minutes just to be safe and power off again

    5) Place all of your switches back in the up position again and power on.

    You should be good to go. Just connect via ethernet or Wifi, login to the web interface, and create a new password.

    Kind Regards


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