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  1. Right if the file is corrupt ssh into pineapple sftp and delete the folder /root/.bully mind you ya will lose ya progress.

    Or the other option i have found is if you find the .run file in /root/.bully the numbers being the MAC address IE cc33bb3fa71e.run and delete the last two lines in the file and save it, then it starts to work again.

    PS i have had this happen to me on Kali sometimes



  2. My bad you have to leave it running for a few minutes before it starts logging.

    HMMMM sometimes it works and others it doesn't yep gonna cry !!!



  3. Many thanks for the update testing it now found a problem :(

    The log function isn't working its just says

    wps log_1388535436.log [January 01 2014 00:17:16]

    And doesn't do anything :(

    I'm gonna cry


  4. Hi buddy

    Welcome to the forum

    it's coded in PHP and Java ssh into your Pineapple and you will be able to view the sorce code.

    I been wanting this to work for ages but people have other projects and commitments.

    Be good if you know PHP and so on :)

    If you figure out a fix keep us all posted

    Kind regards


  5. I have managed to get it to work like you said i changed the port to 1471 and it worked 100% no problem but i cant get both to work at the same time with the config you posted.

    As this is the problem i have http://share.pho.to/6EUZX i know that you have modified the script to get it to work what helped me in /etc/conf/autossh that i see was just at the end you had the -p option to change the port :)

    I totally understand the ssh tunnel now but when i try to use it with the infusion it cancels my port number due to the fact I'm not using port 22 on my VPS I'm using 2203 if you save this in the infusion check it after you see that it doesn't save your custom port number maybe this is something that needs to be looked at no wounder i was having so many problems.

    It would be nice to see not only the ability to be able to use a custom port rather then 22 but also to be able to use 2 ports for the Pineapple IE 2222 and 1471.

    Thanks again for your help fella

    Kind Regards


  6. Brilliant :)

    Done just what you said and it works all i need now is both working :)

    Yes the Hak5 segment helped a lot but nothing is for the Mark V that's why I'm always getting confused lol

    Would you mind sending your modified infusion for Autossh over.

    Thanks again for your help fella.


  7. It was buddy i got the SSH connection working a few days ago i was missing the -p 2203 switch which wasn't available on the infusion rather then using the standard port 22 i think that would be hand to have the option on the infusion so you can change the port from the standard 22.

    Also noticed this when using your config http://share.pho.to/6EUZX

    I take it you have modified the infusion so this doesn't happen.

    I was trying now to get to the UI i have used your config then from my VPS opened Firefox and put http://localhost:1471 but it doesn't connect i have also configured the proxy part on Firefox too.

    Kind Regards


  8. Hey all

    Can someone please help finally managed to get Autossh to work god knows why it took me so long !!!.

    Question is i have the tunnel working to my VPS and visa verser, now ! how do i get it to connect to the UI on port 1471 via the browser. ?

    Ill post my config in a bit as im away at the mo.

    config autossh
    option gatetime '0'
    option monitorport '20000'
    option poll '600'
    option ssh '-i /etc/dropbear/id_rsa -N -T -R 2222:localhost:22 root@server -p 2203'



  9. Right got most of this set up and working but i cant get my VPS to talk to my pineapple getting peed of due to the fact i know its something to do with SSH my pineapple can see my VPS because its connected, but my VPS cant see my pineapple also im using a hotspot to connect.

    Also have portal-smash running

    Any help would be great

    Can someone kindly make a vid for me.

    Kind Regards


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