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  1. CTRL-ALT t would be the best command as many other Distros like Ubuntu would use Ctrl+ ALT +T to open the terminal , I just gave it a shot in Kali and did not work. so I don't think custom keyboard shortcuts work or play well with the rubber ducky. However, below is a simple script that did work to just open the gnome terminal in Kali. REM OPEN LINUX TERMINAL DELAY 3000 ALT F2 DELAY 50 STRING gnome-terminal DELAY 50 ENTER DELAY 100 STRING "hello world"
  2. Since I was introduced to a typewriter when I was 2 years old I have never bothered to practice and learn to type 60+ wpm never the less 900 - 1,200 WPM when the RbbrDucky is inserted. Repetition and with the aid of shorthand keyboard shortcuts has been the only way I have learned to make me appear to type as fast as a 60+ wpm Typer. ALT + Tab, Windows Key + R , I have become a mastermind of getting where I need to be in an OS using less keys that I have to type. Since a lot of tasks I perform are repetitious in Linux, especially in KALI, I have not read of anyone using the RubberDuck to automate their task as the super typer HID now becomes a scripted AI or "the hacker from Swordfish" mashing on the keys. So I wanted to create a new Thread dedicated to "Linux Only" whereby you are using Twin Duck firmware with option 1 "pressing caps lock" to activate the Duck inject.bin. I am not intending to hack Kali Linux or any Linux distro system with a payload. The objective is to have AI "superman" type for me what I would normally would type in Kali or any Linux distro to carry out an automated attack. Using Kali, I have enabled a custom keyboard shortcut in keyboard settings to open the terminal, my example "Super + t" or "CTRL + ALT + t" in my Ducky Payload Script WINDOWS t GUI t CTRL ALT t COMMAND t All do not open a custom terminal keyboard shortcut. So I am a bit stuck on this first step.
  3. I am having a hard time with Notepad and saving to Bin file? if i use the online it kinda works, what am I missing. notepad does bin conversions right>?
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