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  1. A bit Rainman_34 I know that with the raspberry would be easy using the ffmpeg.
  2. Hi to all i'm looking for help in getting a way of transmitting video from a usb-cam trought the internet using the wifi pineapple mk5. i have tried looking for ways in linux and i found several the top 2 vlc and ffmpeg, i'm thinking ffmpeg is the better solution because of the lacking gui part. does anyone have another alternative? PS. i haven't tried the ffmpeg on the mk5 yet
  3. can you revive the link for the wifite.py again???
  4. thank's and one other thing that i only check today with the previously version but if i try to do that in one unprivileged user the windows ask for the password of the admin, is there anyway around it???
  5. hello lavanoid i'm having a problem with the payload, the SP.bat version 1.6 isn't doing everything it should like getting the pass dump and the chrome pass and more, but the SP.bat 1.5 is working fine. I have changed the setting inside the SP.bat trough all the combination possible and nothing, i'm running a win7 64 bit and reminding that i run the version 1.5 fine. Thank's for the good work
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