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  1. Is it and how it's possible to capture handshakes with one device and send all captured handshakes to other device for cracking? Cracking device isn't in wireless range. Handshake device have 3G mobile broadband.
  2. Is phishing still possible due WPA2 passkeys, Windows security, NOD?
  3. On my usb port I'm using usb memory stick (http://forums.hak5.org/index.php?/topic/25882-how-to-enable-usb-mass-storage-with-swap-partition/'>made like this) I'm using usb memory for saving "infusions aka modules" Can I use this same usb memory stick for saving files in /<root>/? e.g.: http://hak5.org/hack/pineapple-phishing Begin by downloading and installing the following packages from downloads.openwrt.org: libopenssl_0.9.8i-3.2_mips.ipk, php4_4.4.7-1_mips.ipk, php4-cgi_4.4.7-1_mips.ipk and zlib_1.2.3-5_mips.ipk Copy the package files (*.ipk) to the WiFi Pineapple in /root/ using the scp command in Linux or an SCP utility in Windows like WinSCP or Plink. Only I don't have enough memory on ap121u to install all files, can I extend it with the same usb memory stick?
  4. I do as like in tutorial, but in result I get in "Config swap: option enabled 0" How to change it to 1?
  5. Is it possible to run two devices through AP121U USB port? Use powered USB hub, connect it to AP121U USB port, and connect USB flash memory (use as mass storage for markIV) and 3G modem. USB hub and 3G has to be plug&play?
  6. I'm flashing my alfa with this tutorial and in PuTTY (after pressing 1) I have to enter "password" and "ALFA login". What is psw and login for Alfa AP121U?
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