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  1. i actually use firefox with https everywhere and noscript then i disable unneeded services then i never use any av and i never anything that has to do with a registry cleaner/optimizer for stability reasons hint hint nvr use that kind of software use EMET for software security allow no exceptions in firewall and i use the windows firewall open a command prompt and type net user guest * and then i put a password for the guest account then for performance i hand tweak/customize everything which takes a couple of days to put it in as a metaphor i pretty much disable the remote assistance settings on everything ____________________________________________________________________ for me deep freeze is a waste but it may be better option than a vm if you want performance just set mozilla to delete everything on exit or use private browsing and everything will be in ram and be faster I usually just check the program files folder and that seems to be enough to keep away from virus/malware Normal windows firewall is what you should use If you have your heart set on av use Microsoft security essentials or avg which i dont recommend as much If you disable the unrelevant services in services.msc that seems to close alot of holes in security
  2. ok ive found that directx 11 card is supposed to be fine with directx 9
  3. I have a Dell Dimension E310 with the 915gv Express chipset and a PCI-E x1 slot with Windows XP sp3 Home. http://www.ebay.com/itm/ZOTAC-ZT-50608-10L-GeForce-GT-520-Fermi-512MB-64-bit-DDR3-PCI-E-X1-VIDEO-CARD-/171037293700 I would like to buy this card but am not sure about compatibility with it and my OS as in terms of Directx and Opengl . Will it be ok or am i going to run into issues(Drivers, Software, etc)?
  4. lol then why not make a 1337 server for the skiddies and have age at the signup and give them the ip of the 1337 server if they are 13 or younger
  5. ive never played minecraft but am getting a nice little graphics card and will try on my xp machine
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